The Selection Result of Crew Recruitment for The Internship in Fajar TV

  • 13 Januari 2021
  • 12:32 WITA
  • Admin FST
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UIN Online-The committee of crew recruitment selection for internship in Fajar TV, by Dr. Mahmuddin, M. Ag., stated that the selection was conducted strictly and objectively. This was stated during the interview with the reporters of UIN Online at the Faculty of Dakwah and Communication, Samata Gowa, on June 12, 2014.
Mahmuddin further said that those selected crew were the students of UIN Alauddin who were prepared to manage "Alauddin TV" that is being arranged, so there will be campus TV in the future", he explained.
The Recruitment was followed by 37 students of UIN Alauddin and there were 23 students who passed it (for session II and III) as follows:

1. Ais Nurbiyah Al- Jum’ah
2. Syamsul Alam
3. Syahrullah
4. Ishak
5. A. Nur Fitrah Dewi
6. Mardansyah Syarifuddin
7. Nurfadillah
8. Mardianto

News Script Writers:
1. Miftahul Janna
2. Defri Ferdiansyah
3. Sukma Sari
4. Qudratullah
5. Nur Marwah
6. Putri Ayu Asmarah
7. Renu Juliani
8. Linda Ermayani

Video Editor:
1. A. Army Arifianita
2. Muhammah Ali
3. Muh. Ibnu Akbar
4. Nur Aini
5. Irsal Darwanto Sadir
6. Muh. Noor Azis Kautsar
7. Maulana

To whom qualified the recruitment are expected to gather in the studio of Alauddin TV on the 4th floor of FDK on Sunday, June 15, 2014, at 09:00 a.m. (please on-time).